6 Common Myths about Web Design

6 Common Misconceptions about Web Design

1. As a small business owner, I don’t need a website.

Despite the fact you are an architect, a plumber or a doctor, people are looking for you on the web. Some businesses can get along with word of mouth but in the long term new businesses will be more competitive and start gaining territory to the stablished ones.

The reality is that as a business owner you are in need of a website, not only to showcase your services but also to build trust from visitors that will nurture your business on the short and long term.

2. I have a website, clients will rush to my site.

Before investing on a web designer or digital agency make sure people will find your website. The best way to ensure this is to delight your visitors with valuable content and a proper SEO strategy.

Most of the times business owners invest a huge amount of money or time on a gorgeously designed website just to find out some months after that almost nobody is noticing it.

3. The more , the better.

In terms of content and design being minimalistic and simple is the way #mandalorian . Nowadays nobody reads cluttered chunks of text. Rely on valuable content that is presented with enough white space, easy-to-read fonts and decent line-height.

Less is more.

4. Websites are expensive.

Most of small business owners are not very receptive on owning a website because of the cost (they think) it implies. They think that whatever amount they put into their online presence its a cost instead of an investment.

Websites can be super affordable if you build them by yourself. With tools like WordPress and templates that you can find in ThemeForest, you can have your own website within a day (if you want to avoid the hustle or need something special, hire me). Have a look of my portfolio here.

5. Maintenance is not necessary.

Just like any other piece of software, websites depend on updates, upgrades and backups to run efficiently. An outdated website is an easy prey for errors and/or attacks. Think it as your car maintenance, from time to time you have to check whats going on with the engine, tires, and every component, in order to apply corrections.

An outdated website is an easy prey for errors, attacks and malfunctions.

6. Images are not important.

In terms of images always opt for quality and optimized images. These simple practice can make your website load faster and avoid heavy loading times that will end up frustrating your visitor. Your webpages should be charging in less than 4 secs.

Your website images must:

  • Not overpass 80 kb.
  • Not be pixeled.
  • Include a descriptive alt text.
  • Be professional.

Just take the time to take proper pictures to illustrate your ideas or look into free resources like:

7. Conclusion

Either you hire somebody (me) or you want to build your website yourself make sure you don’t forget about:

  • A Responsive Design and User-Friendly Design.
  • Optimized Images
  • Contain Valuable Content
  • A Maintenance Plan
  • Google Search and Google Analytics indexing.

Let me know if I forgot about something or if you have any questions. I am always here to help. Message me!

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